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    Disappointed in WordPress. I blog on another site. Not as many widgets, but set-up is very easy & described in plain English. Only problem is they inflate my stats (several people read each post 2 minutes after it’s published at around 2 a.m.!) Having heard good things about WordPress, I came here to start a blog on a new subject. The technical terms and jargon are gibberish to me – I can handle computer and Web quite well, but don’t know any coding. Many link titles seem like they will answer my question, but are somewhat off subject and/or promote upgrades. Several have more thumbs down than thumbs up, so I’m not alone. Many people posting in forums sound knowledgable, but there should be a way to contact WordPress itself.

    All I want to know is how to get spaces between the words in my header. Theme examples have them, but my blog name was automatically inserted with no spaces. I’ve spent 2 hours clicking around dashboard, support and forums seeking help. I’m ready to quit WordPress and find another home.

    The blog I need help with is highdesertreferendum.wordpress.com.



    There IS a way to contact wordpress itself, but why don’t you just ask the question here in the forum? It’s okay, we won’t mind.

    The way to contact staff is to wait till they’re back from whatever the heck they’re doing until March 2nd and then use the Help button at the top right-hand side of your dashboard. Or the email support at wordpress dot com.



    Go to Dashboard > Settings > General

    At the very top you change the name of your blog to anything you want. Click Save Changes at the very bottom.

    Not everyone in the forum is knowledgeable. I’ve been here for years and I still don’t understand many things.


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    @ highdesertreferendum,

    Have you looked at this link? It’s designed to help new bloggers get started with WordPress.com:


    Thanks for your help, everyone!

    Yes, I’d been to the “learn” section. It was helpful, but not that specific. The settings>general on the dashbaord did the trick. I’m usually very thorough; not sure how I missed that – feel a bit dumb!

    Also glad to hear how to contact WordPress directly. I’d expected that info to be in the support section, not the dashboard.

    Anyway, thanks again! Glad to know there are caring bloggers around if I need assistance again.

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