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    I tried to find an answer for my problem on the forum, but unfortenately I could’nt find it.

    I have linked my wordpress adress to my own internet domain. Normally I can use an POP e-mail adress which is connected to the domain. My internetadress is http://www.volgensvos.nl and according to the hosting company I should be able to start my email adress for ex. (email redacted)

    Now the hosting company says, I can’t use the POP email adress possibilty because of the fact that the nameservers are adressed to wordpress.com
    Otherwise I wouldn’t have a link to volgensvos.nl

    Now they tell me wordpress needs to uniserver (the hosting company) in order for me to be able to use an emailadress like (email redacted)

    HELP! I’m a complete noob and just want my blog to run under it’s own adress and still be able to use a POP mailadress.
    PLEASE: what needs to be done?

    The blog I need help with is volgensvos.nl.



    Hi. Your mail provider should be able to give you information to add with your existing provider, which is now WordPress.com.

    Ask them if they can give you a CNAME, MX, A or TXT record, then add that information like this:

    If they insist that you modify your nameserver information (which you can’t do because that would mean no more domain mapping with WP.com) you may want to consider switching to another email provider, such as Google Apps.

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