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Pop Up Ads

  1. Two of my readers at have left me notes complaining about a pop up ad that virtually obscures the blog and has no obvious way to close it. I have checked my blog from several browsers and computers and have never seen this. Is this something characteristic with the blog or could it be with the person's computer who is viewing the page. I am using the Andreas style. Thanks for any help.

  2. A pop-up ad? I'm wondering if it's something that's affected their computers, rather than something on I'd be pretty damn shocked and outraged if they actually put popups on our blogs.

    Also: you won't ever see ads of any kind on blogs unless you're signed out, so be sure to check it that way.

  3. Thanks raincoaster. I didn't think there was a problem with wordpress but in the interest of these readers I had to ask. I have checked logged out on several computers and platforms and browsers and never seen the problem. Thanks for the input.

  4. I agree that this is not coming from wordpress.

  5. I never said it wasn't coming from WordPress, just that it's probably not coming from them. I do not know and am not prepared to rule anything out at this point. Hell, the Adsense came as a brutal surprise to me, too.

  6. @sixteenfeet
    Do you think your readers will consider the "snap previews" that you have enabled on your blog to be pop-ups? If so you can disable them here -> Presentation -> Extras
    uncheck the " __ Enable Snap Preview Anywhere on this blog" and then click "Update Extras" to save.

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