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Pop up menu doesn´t work at all with win explorer!!! help!!!

  1. hello,

    I check my web with a mac, safary and firefox. I´ve been working on it for two large weeks. I thought everything was perferct, beautiful and clean.

    but people around me who I asked to test the web in their own computers are telling me it just doesn´t work!!!

    the most important sections are "shows" and "on tour" which are a pop up menu, but today I´ve tested it on a windows xp and it´s truth!! the pop up menus don´t work at all!!

    please, I´m in panic. I never thought something would work perfect in mac and wouldn´t work at all in pc. everyone outside has got a pc...

    please, I need your help.

    this is the blog.

    I use twenty ten theme with some css custom.

    thanks a lot.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Do you have anti pop-up software installed?

  3. hello again,

    I´ve realized that also everything which is within <h5>and </h5> just will not be displayed in explorer 6.

    I´m very disappointed, as several people around me have got explorer 6, so I just don´t want to think how many people around the world have explorer 6.

    the second colum with my widget text is also scrolled down to the bottom of the page... a disaster. wordpress exclusively done for the firs world people who can upgrade their software continously? because there are also lots of people who just can´t do that.

    I just hope I´be misunderstood something that I´m doing wrong.

    thaks for your advise and help. I really need it.

  4. IE 6 is no longer supported at all, even by Microsoft. It's six or seven years old, isn't it?

    There's nothing you're doing wrong. IE 6 just does not display the fancier features of newer technology. Your only option, if you want to optimize your website for those older browsers, is to pick a theme that does not have fancy things like drop-down menus and so on.

  5. 3delamadrugada

    ok. you´re right. even when I think that there will be people in places such as south america, russia, india or africa who will be with explorer 6.

    but my sister has got explorer 8 and has got the same problem. maybe it´s because an anti-pop up security sistem. but she doesn´t even know if she´s got it or how to activate or de-activate it... and so there will be lots of people around the world. so I´ve just linked the menu to a normal page, so if the pop up menu doesn´t open at least they will have a link to click over to go somewhere...

    thank you for your reply.

  6. If you use a simpler theme with no drop-downs or pop-ups, more people will be able to read your blog. I used to be on a Windows ME machine on dialup, and I wouldn't have been able to read a blog with youtube videos and pop-ups and such.

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