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Pop up window

  1. I am using Flock and have my links set to pop up windows instead of moving away from my page. Can any of you check and let me know if it's working properly? It just changes to another page for me. I don't have another browser to check it with at the moment.


  2. Not working for me either. I'm using Firefox.

  3. I make the assumption you're using target="_blank" in the href?

    If so, the link in your latest blog post (something about "drunk"?) opened a new tab for me in Firefox.

  4. I'm a firefox user and the link opened in a new window.

  5. Heh, the OP has used the wrong terminology I think. I think he simply means open a link in a new window rather than in a popup.

    I can't check code at the moment so can't be sure.

  6. It didn't load in a new window for me; it opened in the existing window.

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