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Pop-up windows as plug-ins or some other way

  1. Hi, I'm confused about plug-ins, My blog is and I have identified a wish for a pop-up window, triggered by perhaps a button or a bit of text, to contain text that I wish... I would use it to display certain option definitions of code snippets, etc. as supplement to my main posts. I located a 2nd-party plug-in which I think would do the job here:

    But another might do as well, and perhaps WP itself offers one in it's library somewhere. Not sure how to proceed because all plug-in how to info I find in WP documentation talks about menu choices my dashbord does not have. Must I become self-hosting to use pop-up windows plug-ins? Thanks, Rob

    The blog I need help with is

  2. PlugIns are not permitted here:

    And PopUps are an extremely bad idea and highly annoying. Most people take steps to block them.

  3. I don't agree with your overgeneralization about popups. The design I have in mind would be optional extra content for clarification sake, explicitly triggered by a user action while reading, by clicking on a button, by choice. Thus, 'highly annoying' and 'extremely bad idea' is not relevant here. You see it if you click it, you don't if you don't. Not a 'push' PopUp, but a 'pull' one. Thanks for your opinion though.

    As to first part of your answer -- this is what I actually was asking about. I've already read the link you suggested. So, only option is to propose functionality to WP or do my own hosting outside of, I guess? ~Rob

  4. Yes, and will not say yes, so your only option is to get paid hosting elsewhere.

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