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    I have a concern with some pop-ups that I’ve noticed on my WordPress site.

    I am using a free WordPress theme, so it has ads on it in various places. However, since this past weekend, I noticed that occasionally when I first visit my site, pop-ups come up. I have pop-ups blocked on my internet browser, but I was curious about what the pop-ups were and so I opened them yesterday afternoon. They then started to automatically download files onto my laptop simply from being opened (I had to speak to the support team for my device in order to ensure they were cleared and my device is clean), and this made me very concerned that the pop-ups are malicious and that there is something wrong with my WordPress site. As I said, these pop-ups do not come up every time I visit my site…it only appears to happen every few hours when I revisit it and I’m not sure what the pattern is so am unable to recreate it.

    Is this something that can be deactivated somehow? I understand that I have to have ads on my free site, but I don’t want my users to be in danger of automatically downloading anything malicious just from pop-ups associated with my site.

    Thank you very much for your help!

    The blog I need help with is worldofmygreenheart.wordpress.com.



    That’s odd, can you confirm which country you’re browsing from, and which browser you were using?

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