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Popular bloggers on wordpress!

  1. Yo everyone!

    Been blog surfing for a while now, really want to subscribe to some interesting blogs but am having trouble finding some!

    I try and look through the popular blogs posted under tags but was wondering if there's a way to look at most subscribed blogs. or what have you, on wordpress!?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Look on Technorati or Google and search You can also check out Freshly Pressed.

  3. Popular blogs aren't necessarily all going to be interesting to you, as some are targeted at specific niches. There are plenty of new blogs that are worth looking at.

    Blatant self-promotion alert! Check out my satirical blog, which is growing month by month.

  4. Hey, there. I really enjoyed your post on bizzare gifts. The conclusion of it is an age old question, I think.
    I would like to invite you to lifewith4cats. That is if you are looking for more blogs to read. Its about pets but often theres a bit of something for everyone. Perhaps it might interest you? But if my blog is not to your tastes, there are a great many well written blogs written by movie watchers, and journalists out there. Good luck in your search.

  5. I'll join the blatant self-promotion brigade. Depends what you are looking for of course, I may not be your cup of tea at all!

  6. dribblingpensioner

    @ miss errrdaniels, i'll in to if Sara and Roybn are going to plug :)

    My blog's really interesting, full of rubbish post's so dull you would be better watching paint dry :)

    Go on give it a read, self-promotion over.
    I to enjoyed your post on bizzare gifts, i got a gift of a left handed mug but i'm right handed.

  7. Ha ha haaa!

    maybe the name of this topic should be changed to self-promote your blog! :D

    dribblingpensioner - love that bizarre gift you received - perhaps this is even more bizarre though.. - I am also right handed - but I write like a left handed person..

    Have you got any weird habits that no-one else you know off does? (please correct me if that's bad English I'm very tired!)


    A very classy blog indeed :)

    Writing and poetry, Se Bon?

  9. Try browsing the tags. I've found many great blogs relating to the topic I mostly write about: technology, by frequenting the tags.

  10. now that we are self promoting! Visit my blog for a change ;)

  11. I second raincoaster's post, about googling

    You can also find blogs that you may be interested in but aren't exactly popular by searching tags and perhaps just using the search bar to look up a topic that interests you.

    I'm sure you'll find plenty good blogs/reads on wordpress. I swear, sometimes I feel sure there's a blog here for everything!

  12. dribblingpensioner

    here's a good blog to read, even if i say so myself :) full of interesting material

  13. shameless self promotion to ensue! I post about a range of things, from telling VH1 off to architecture to music and to religion and many more personal things. You may or may not want to read :)

  14. @errrdaniels
    I have no idea what you may find interesting so here my shameless blog promotion below.

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  15. Blatant self-premotion!!
    Check out my blog ;)
    I write nonsensical stories and randomness.

  16. Whoo! First time self-promoting! :)
    Not gonna lie, I'm a complete amatuer blogger since I just recently started, but I blog about my experiences in high school along with info/advice/and witty responses to these four years that are just plain awk.

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