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Populate a "page" with all the posts of a specific "category"

  1. I am BRAND new to wordpress. Be kind. I have someone transferring my site over and she is awesome but I wanted to try and start figuring things out for myself. Sooooo I've been reading and reading and now I am here....

    I want to create a page which will reside in my menu as a sub-cat of "about"

    I want this page to be populated by all the posts of a specific category. Not just have a link to the category but actually have the posts right there. Can this be done?

    I saw an article telling me to create a link to the category(code) in the title of the page and then that page would be filled in with the posts of that category. It didn't work.

    Thanks in advance!!!

  2. We require the URL to the blog in question every time you post to this forum. We cannot answer questions until we obtain it.

    This is because and run on different software and the answers are not always the same. It's also because this forum is ONLY for bloggers.

    If you happen to have a wordpress.ORG install rather than a free hosted blog, then you are in the wrong forum. The correct forum for self hosting bloggers is here http://wordpress.ORG/support/

    Please post the URL for the blog in question starting with http://

  3. noreligionblog

    You can place the category widget in your sidebar (temporarily) so you can copy the categories and paste them into a new page. That way you create an index of your blog (click my name to see my blog for an example of my index). Then you can remove the category widget from your sidebar. You can make a separate page for each category or you can make one full index. Keep in mind that you must update your page each time you add a new category.

  4. @noreligionblog
    Have you read the sticky post at the head of the forum? The blogger who posted this obviously didn't. If he or she had there would have been a blog URL provided.

  5. right on. why I love coming to forums.

    Thanks noreligionblog!!

    I don't have a url people can visit, it isnt live. I apologize immensely though. I found something which I now realize was from dot org (so I don't know what will happen to me)

    It worked so I guess I can't ever come back to dot com? You have me filled with a warmth I can only dream of verbalizing

  6. noreligionblog

    yeah, seems lots of people don't read the sticky. In either event, I would think posters should be able to distinguish between the com or org in a URL. If they cant, I am not sure they should be writing a blog :)

    The linking of the name to the blog IMO should be automatic when one signs up for a blog. Any specific reason it isn't?

  7. are you kidding me? Have you used google? it doesn't put flashing lights around the dot com or dot org. That you are even getting upset about this fact is sort of sad? is to is to

    Am I about right?

    Ill be over at dot org I guess.

  8. @noreligion blog
    Yes, there is a specific reason. Some people have private blogs, and some have NSFW blogs, and some have multiple blogs and the one linked to their name isn't the one they are asking questions about, and so on. If you want a definitive explanation please get one from Staff, okay?.

    Bottom line: If you intend to continue answering questions on this forum please, please, please
    (1) request the URL of the blog being referred to each and every time;
    (2) if and only if the blog in question proves to be one that's free hosted by, and you provide an answer then supply links to the relevant support documentation entries that buttress your answer.

    N.B. Many of those of us who do answer questions have both and blogs but we do not provide wordpres.ORG answers - we send thos bloggers to the correct forum http://wordpress/org/support/

  9. noreligionblog

    @timethief ok

  10. @rdrean
    Thank you for agreeing to post to the correct forum for self hosting bloggers at http://wordpress/org/support Your cooperation is appreciated. :)

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