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Popup box for images

  1. I know people have asked how to have an image in a separate popup box on your wordpress.COM blog so I'll add how to do it for future reference. you just add class="thickbox" to the html. The thickbox appearance is customizable but only with the CSS upgrade but this is available for most if not all of the themes here. like this,
    <a class=”thickbox” href=””><img title=”obama-platoon” src=”” alt=”obama-platoon” width=”68″ height=”80″ /></a>
    I explain more here but it's pretty much that simple.
    happy blogging.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Oh way cool. Thanks for posting that.

  3. np, inspired by Devblog's newest blog, I noticed he was using sandbox theme & had the popup so I looked in the links and that's how I know.

  4. I noticed what appears to be curly quotes in that sample, so I'll post this just incase:

    <a class="thickbox" href=""><img title="obama-platoon" src="" alt="obama-platoon" width="68" height="80" /></a>

  5. Very cool but I'm confused do I need the CSS upgrade for it to work ?

  6. no, just need it if you want to customize the box appearance. The link I posted to my blog with examples doesn't have the CSS upgrade.

  7. Okay thank you.

  8. Does this work for galleries, somehow? I'm looking at the html view, and all I see is [gallery link="file" columns="4"], not the individual photos.

  9. No, it does not.

  10. Where do I copy my CSS code? Sorry, my English is terrible! I'm working on it. hahahah
    bjs. x

  11. @portfoliosarah,

    No CSS is needed! Just insert image as usual. To the html, add " class="thickbox"

    <a class="thickbox" href="http://LINK_TO_IMAGE_FILE.jpg"><img class="alignnone" title="TITLE" src="http://LINK_TO_IMAGE_FILE.jpg.jpg?w=150" alt="" width="150" height="112" /></a>

    This trick will work only if you are using the social vibe widget in your sidebar.

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