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    Hi there,

    I’m working on a new blog containing my own personal funny sexual experiences. Also I would want to write about my experiences as a lingerie waitress, nude model and tons of wet t shirt competitions I have done during my travels in Australia. I want it to be in a journal /sarcastic form and not as a pornographic style. I am in real life, just a bartender and on the way to be a freelance journalist and have no intention of making a career out of nudity.

    My question, what is the fine line that separates my idea from porn? I have read the terms and conditions. But do not want to break any rules. If I can keep it light and funny, would thus be accepted?

    Thank you.




    Your blog will be marked as mature by wordpress.


    It *might* be marked as mature. If you’re writing about your experiences, and not posting graphic images of you or others, you probably won’t be marked as mature. From memory, being classified as ‘mature’ on WordPress means you’re taken out of their global tag system, which can be a big deal. But only WordPress knows for sure, so you should ask them directly:

    From the TOS:

    Please don’t:

    •Post explicit sexual materials that can be considered pornographic, such as explicit images or video of sexual acts or close-up images of genitalia;
    •Post links or banner ads to adult-oriented affiliate networks, such as pornography site signups;
    •Post links, text, or images promoting or advertising escort services;
    •Post images of extreme violence or gore without associated context or commentary;
    •Post images of child pornography;
    •Post content that promotes pedophilia, such as blogs with galleries of images of children where the images, content surrounding the images, or the intent of the blog is sexually suggestive.



    Either way, as long as it’s not illegal porn, you can post away here. You might be marked as Mature or not, that’s staff’s call. But you won’t get banned for it.



    Hmm, well I do hope not to be marked as mature. I’ll try and see what I can do to make it as…un-mature as I can :) No there will be no photo’s or anything. I had more of a piss take sort of idea in my head, rather than going into details of genitals or whatever.

    Thanks for the feedback!



    If you’re writing about sex, why do you not want to be marked mature?



    I would like people to find my blog, which seems slightly impossible if you’re marked mature.



    It’s not impossible to find a mature blog at The site content would be indexed by Google and by the other search engines. More to the point is that traffic one may have received from the global tags pages is negligible.

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