Pornography: Unacceptable response from WP staff

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    There IS NO 18 YEAR+ login requirement. Anyone can just log onto that site.

    WP hosts it, and is responsible for compliance with the marking of the site and that was the response?



    According to our Terms of Service, that blog does not breach them. Neither do any of the other ‘Mature’ blogs on this domain.

    Nowhere does it say we will have an entry page for all ‘Mature’ blogs – and even if it did we would only know about it if the owner told us. If a blog gets reported for content unsuitable for a younger audience we mark it as ‘Mature’ because that removes it from all listings inside the domain.

    If someone posts here asking for help and they do not say their blog is ‘Mature’ NSFW or something similar, just post below that it is. And if someone has said it is NSFW then clicking through only to come back with a “Look it is!” merely generates traffic for that blog. If you think it might offend, do not click.

    We will not act as censors. We will not remove blogs that some people happen to find distasteful. We have adult blogs, political blogs, blogs with images of war / death / violence, blogs with diatribes against people they are fighting, pro-Bush blogs, anti-Bush blogs – you name it and we probably have it. Every single one of those will have people wanting them shut – and in the interests of all they remain open. We had a complaint from someone that a blog should be closed because there was a photo of people drinking alcohol – should we have said “Yes if that offends you we will remove it” – No, to have done so would have been wrong.

    With your freedom to publish comes the freedom of others to do just the same – even if you disagree with them.

    The blog that caused this does not contain – as far as I know – any illegal content. We have done what we can to prevent any inadvertent clicking through to that blog and if you got there through a search engine then that is not – because the content is not illegal – our problem.


    So, would you please mark this one also as “Mature”?

    [Link broken – drmike]



    Actually that’s a spam site. :)

    And it’s been reported.

    Please next time don’t link to it in a public forum. There’s spam and mature reporting tools in the blue admin bar.



    You can report a blog as mature by using the “Blog Info” menu in the blue admin bar at the top of your screen. Posting a link to it here will only generate more traffic to it.



    Especially for us who sit in public libraries. :)


    please, PLEASE, can we have tools for marking our own blogs 18+?

    i know the spammers aren’t going to do it.

    but for the responsible sex bloggers, it would be nice to have an bog-standard under18 warning to slap up there so people don’t get porn by accident when they click ‘next blog’



    You can mark your own blog as mature, right? Or do you want some sort of disclaimer/warning thingie?


    i want a disclaimer/warning thingy. preferably one that uses cookies, so that it always displays on a user’s first visit to the site.

    you can’t set your blog as mature, but you can email staff or use the ‘report as mature’ button and have them do it for you.

    ideally, you’d be able to set ‘maturity’ on the same page with the rest of the privacy options.



    I wonder if the best thing for these people to do in the meantime is create a disclaimer page and make that “home”. User can then click through having read the disclaimer?



    I like that Idea! Problem would be that their sidebars would most likely still show. Some protection I guess.



    At the top of this page is a image of an alien,

    I tell people, that the Amish , built space ships and went to Venus a few decades ago and took off their spacesuits on the surface of venus, and their bodies, instantly adapted to the conditions , and they ended up looking like the image of an Alien, we see at the top of this page.

    That is how your eyes would look in a pure methane atmosphere that was 400 degrees farenheight outside in the extremely high wind.

    If I am correct, then that is a lot more profound than what people woud call “mature” on the internet.

    I would be proud to be reported…, as so profoundly mature…,, nobody could keep up.



    I am glad that wordpress will not act as censors. And I agree with Mark’s statement:

    With your freedom to publish comes the freedom of others to do just the same – even if you disagree with them.

    However, I’ve accidentally stumbled on some sex/violence images that were so appalling that I have not used my “next blog” button for months.

    I feel the same way sunburntkamel does:

    but for the responsible sex bloggers, it would be nice to have an bog-standard under18 warning to slap up there so people don’t get porn by accident when they click ‘next blog’

    I acknowledge that sidebars would show on some themes but the idea Collin has proposed has some potential usefulness. Setting a “disclaimer page” as a front page for 18+ blogs would require that readers actually make the choice to click through, or not. There would be no accidental viewings.



    Writing a disclaimer page and setting it as the front page seems to me the way to go. All then needs to do to improve the system is prevent sidebar content displaying on that page and show it to all new readers, including those coming in from direct links to posts. Oh, and set a cookie so that they won’t have to see it on later visits. Other authors could use the same functionality to create annoying splash pages ;)


    including those coming in from direct links to posts

    that’s my main reason for suggesting it.

    mmm, splash pages. i hear 1998 calling, and jacob neilson screaming >:D



    This comes out of the best use of this Forum. Excellent stuff.

    ~Judyb12: “report a blog as mature by using the “Blog Info” menu in the blue admin bar” –Thanks, Judy! Didn’t know what that thing was for….

    ~Collin: “create a disclaimer page and make that “home”
    –to see a warning that blog is “mature”/aka: porn: Very Smart. I don’t even use “Next” button, because I don’t want to ‘view’ trash that could easily be ‘next.’ Neither do I want: what I write/post to be censored.

    It is sad someone would use this superb website-technology-their energy, time to actually put that up on the web, but since there seems to be so many deformed, desperate for attention, it takes some effort to avoid the disturbed…. Usually, I don’t get surprises: I CHOOSE blogs, from “Category” and, on rare occaison, “Newest Post” panel on my home page. If Admin. and/or community doesn’t want to make a distinction of porn/ alcohol/whatever content, then Collin’s idea is Best. –It’s even better than the random
    ‘catch’ of TV remote: I press the “forward” button but until I see some moronic drivel –a shooting scene, stupid sit-com, etc., I don’t Know what’s “next.” So with a Front Page disclaimer: I can move on. High marks, Collin.



    This was one of the reasons why I suggested a Template Tag to the latest post.

    Didn’t get much positive feedback.

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