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Port content to a host?

  1. Hello everyone,

    Just about an hour ago I was asking over the themes section how to add a new theme to my site, as I found a theme that fits perfectly with my site's topic and is pretty good looking, but isn't provided in the dashboard > appearance > themes of my site.

    To this, I got told that simply, as far as I have my site hosted on WordPress, I can't add it, that I'm stuck with what is there. Well, I'm looking for some answers then:

    1- Is there any way at all to add new themes to the site? Or am I really stuck with what is there? Because well...the premium ones I see aren't that good looking, or simply don't fit my topics, plus they're pretty expensive for me...

    2- If I decide to move my site (I purchased the domain already) to a host, is there a way to move all of my already existing content there? Because has quite a few posts, images...everything!

    3- What difference(s) are there from hosting your site with WordPress and elsewhere? I've seen that some don't have the option to be "followed" -besides the email follow-, I believe that's one, what else?

    Thanks beforehand for the answers!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1) No, there is no way to add external themes to a blog. As I just told you.

    2) Yes, just look up "export" in the Support documents.

    3) At, you're responsible for all tech support, upgrades, codes, and security of your blog, as well as paying for hosting.

  3. Thanks again, hadn't seen that link!

    It is sad to see how limited you are just because you want to use a different theme, because that "100s of beautiful themes" isn't that accurate...

  4. You are limited for security reasons. One of the PRIME methods hackers and spammers use to gain control of your blog is via themes; they hire designers to make nice looking ones and then they add malicious code you can't see. And at, you are entirely on your own for checking themes for malicious code.

    For a mere $30 a year youc an buy the Custom Design upgrade and change the look of any theme here to whatever will suit you.

  5. I am not a designer, I certainly can't aspire to create my own style/theme, and I could barely afford the domain name ($26), I really can't afford paying anymore, even less for something that I wouldn't be able to work out.

    Anyways, I guess I'll simply stick to the commonly used themes as one is totally limited that way, unless you have money (for customize, because the themes there simply don't look well with my site, and I wouldn't waste almost 1/4 of my salary on that) besides the many limitations that are noticeable.

    If designs are good, WordPress should start adding them though, I'm a coder, just not a designer (I certainly don't work with CSS, but I am familiar with it), and to find that "malicious code" if you have the source itself, sure, takes time and knowledge, but can be detected, so if a theme is good and safe, they should be simply added, at least, I'd pay for a couple of them, which are about $20 -not the $75 I see on the current premium themes- but well anyways, thanks for the answer, certainly I'm stuck with this theme -sadly, as my blog could look thousands of times better if I could add some theme that is designed for the topics I talk about-


  6. …I am not a designer…

    No, of course not! You do not have to be. provided free hosting for your blog.

    The available themes (free themes) allow you plenty of options for customization, and you are not limited to any sort of criteria which preclude applying your creativity to backgrounds, headers, and more to make your site truly unique.

  7. Is there a question here?

  8. You answered a question, or magically my questions on the first post disappeared and I didn't notice? I don't see the need for your rudeness.

    @1tess I once tried to go over the customization of my current theme, and I was given just few options like "change font" and such, to then, after doing my "demo" changes, be asked for a payment, might I be missing something there? I thought that the paid one would give you access to the CSS of the theme for you to customize it directly in the code, guess I'm mistaken?

    I'm asking this because the themes I found have different features that I'd definitely like to have (even if I had to do some work for them to appear on my current theme), but that I've only seen coded with the use of ajax and so on, something that I've tried but failed to properly set in the past

  9. You can buy a CSS upgrade here to change the appearance of a theme, not its basic functionality. It is an upgrade you pay for. But you can make your site unique with the free backgrounds and headers from your own photos. Or choose a theme with offers the use of featured images as sliders or headers for posts, or a theme which offers a number of "random" headers.

    The CSS upgrade info is here, but try it before you buy it so you know you can apply the changes you want:

  10. My advice is to get a second free blog on your account, set it to private, then experiment with the many available themes. Each one has good features, and problems, depending on how you want your site to work.

    I'd start with a simple public site, easy to read and negotiate. Once you have some content, you can export it to the private test blog. Then use the test blog for more daring experiments, trying out different themes, and learning a bit of html code. It's best if you have some of your own content on the test blog so you understand how it will look once you update your real blog.

  11. I thought that the paid one would give you access to the CSS of the theme for you to customize it directly in the code, guess I'm mistaken?

    It appears you paid for domain mapping which changes your URL from

    That does not include any other upgrades such as the CSS design upgrade. And remember, it's a yearly payment to keep that domain upgrade for your site.

  12. Oh I didn't know I could make a private one for testing purposes, I'll definitely try that out, as yeah, I'm looking for some featured images and so on, good thing is that my current site has over 300 posts already, so I can use that as example.

    Yeah, I know I purchased the domain name, not the customization thing, what I meant is that I tried it once, doing the customization first (at that point I didn't know it needed a payment) so when I finished the edition, it asked me to pay, obviously I canceled the customization :P

    But yeah, I might try the private site thing, even though I've used the "live demo" of every theme with my content, seeing how they simply don't fulfill what I'm looking for

  13. Yes, the "live demo" is okay. But you can really get into the details with your own content when you activate the test blog, see what all the features are and how they function with your own content.

    I just changed the theme on one of my sites after experimenting for a week and just now discovered a problem I hadn't anticipated… I can live with it because I'd tried several other themes before choosing the new one: it's a problem I can work with. All these newer themes have all sorts of "hidden" features to consider and a demo is not enough.

  14. hahaha! I'll do that then, see if by any chance I get to the point I want, or at least close to it, because even though I could port to another host and everything, I see a lot of downsides from doing so, such as the fact that my feed wouldn't show on the "Reader", the "follows" (even with jetpack) and so on...

  15. Yes, I maintain a hosted site for work and somehow it crashed. It took me 3 days, and begging help from daughter, to bring it back up. And it was so good that I'd backed it up. It was some plugin that came highly rated but something went wrong and couldn't even get to the dashboard. is so much less of a headache!

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