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Portected page - public comments

  1. So I have a protected page. It works fine, ppl need to log in via the password.

    However, the comments are public. Anything that can be done about that?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sorry forgot to add the url, it's

  3. We need the link to the actual Page specifically. This is a very unusual issue.

  4. Not so unusual as, perhaps, not something that comes up all that often?

    I had the same situation arise. Both page and comment have been deleted (to keep it from being visible any longer) so I can't link. Right now my solution is to turn off comments to prevent the page from becoming known about at all, forcing the legit users to email each other, but this is a bit clumsy. Would like a better solution.

  5. Without even the URL of your blog, we can't help. We can't even guess.


    As for the protected page -there is a reason it is protected :) Don't wanna put the url here as it's only known by some members of my community.

    But as I said, the problem is that one needs the password to see the page. However, the comments seem to be visible still.

  7. I cannot see what the problem is without looking there. You say the comments ARE visible? Where would I see that? if you don't want comments at all for anyone, you can turn them off.

  8. If we can't see the link to the page, we can't help you at all.

  9. The problem is that as soon as people know the url to the site the may not be able to access it -as they don't know the password- but they would still be able to see all the comments underneath that TYPE PASSWORD IN field.

  10. We are at an impasse. We cannot confirm that this is happening, we cannot examine the code, and we cannot help you.

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