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Portfolio Functionality

  1. I am working for a non-profit that conducts art workshops with kids. We are currently looking for a wordpress theme that has some specific portfolio functionality. We like the filtering functionality of a theme called Classica (, however, when you click on a thumbnail to activate the "light box" view, the slideshow only enables you to click through other photos on the thumbnail view. We are looking for each thumbnail to represent a larger gallery of photos that rests below the thumbnail view. Does anyone know if there is a theme out there that has this functionality?

  2. Hi there,
    I am not an expert at this by any stretch; in fact, I'm rather new myself. However, I also am using my site in order to showcase images, and have done a fair amount of research on this topic these past two weeks. themes (over 130-some found here, and you have to select one of these if you have a site: ), do not have a lightbox feature; self-hosted themes (of which there are a seemingly infinite number), do. If you have more HTML know-how and/or time, I might suggest going the self-hosted,, route -- particularly if featuring images are a main focus of your site. I really like , but this is one limitation that has left me scratching my head and contemplating moving to .org .
    Good luck!

  3. In fact, in my research of this topic, this is the best work-around I've seen for the lacking lightbox. Click on the link, and then you'll see a discussion thread. Click on highlighted user "svenseebeck" and you'll see he linked his site to his lightbox, even including the same menu links at the top of smugmug.

    Here is the discussion thread:

    Here is the specific website (go to the "galleries" tab on his top menu):

  4. sorry... let me try this again:

  5. Thanks that looks great. But we were hoping to not have to incorporate outside services. Any other options out there?

  6. The options you have for selecting a theme are found in the Themes Showcase which is a live demo site. There is a searchbox there that you can use which has feature filters.

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