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Portfolio grid using Illustratr theme - can't get it to work!

  1. I've spent hours trying to make Illustratr portfolio projects appear as a grid (like the demo in the link below). I follow the guide exactly and it doesn't work. Advice?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Did you go to the relevant support doc here?

  3. Yes, and followed it to the letter without success.

  4. I would like the News section of this

    to appear as a grid like this

  5. First make all of your projects... Make sure you have a featured image for each. Then make a page for where you want those grids. Then insert [portfolio] where you want that grid thing. Hope this helps.

  6. Hi there,

    It is in fact even simpler than that. When you want to just have a grid of your work, you just have to go to [yoursite] They will be displayed for you in order.

    So in this case, just go to:

    It's ready to go!

  7. I just installed this as well. Where within the Dashboard do I post all the Images for portfolio so that it actually follows the grid. Sorry im new!

  8. Hi Samira,

    Could you please start a new thread so that we're not bothering the original posters? I or my coworkers will be happy to help you out.

  9. I'm interested in this question too. I never found out how to arrange the images into a grid pattern. Would be happy for help on this.

  10. stephanielwells

    Not bothering at all! I never found out how to arrange the images in a grid pattern. Help on fixing this is welcome.

  11. @realadsk, I responded to your inquiry back on 8/19. In order to see your projects in a basic grid like in the demo site all you have to do is go to [yoursite] It will be automatically arranged in a grid.

    In this case,

  12. Hi, yes I can see that. However my main issue is that I'd like the portfolio grid to appear on the landing page, as seems to be advertised by the blog theme. Do you have any advice?

  13. Odomke - thank you very much. Just read and tried your tip. Works perfectly. Thanks again.

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