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    When I use the portfolio content type, can visitors follow my project? I mean, when I post a new portfolio item, will my followers be informed?



    Hi there,

    The default RSS feed for your site’s blog post is available by appending /feed/ to your URL. So, for example, yoursite.wordpress.com/feed/

    This feed will only show posts update, though, and does not include portfolio updates.

    The portfolio itself is also available as a RSS feed, by appending /portfolio/feed/ to your URL. So, yoursite.wordpress.com/portfolio/feed/

    If someone subscribe to the port RSS feed, she will get portfolio updates. If she only subscribe to the main RSS feed, she won’t get the portfolio update.

    I have no idea whether portfolio item shows up on WordPress Reader or not. Perhaps a Staff can answer this.



    Hi there Oliver,

    I’m afraid that at the moment, your followers won’t receive a notification after adding a new portfolio post. Portfolio posts don’t currently show up in the Reader as well. Alternately, you may ask them to subscribe to your portfolio’s RSS feed, as what Hafiz suggested:


    I’ll try to get an opinion about this, as this may seem like something we need to improve on. Thanks for pointing this out. Cheers. :)



    ok, thanks! Last free portfolio themes are really great and would be perfect with this option ;-)



    Indeed Olivier! Will get back to you on this soon! :)

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