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Portfolio website

  1. Hi I am trying to get my head around creating a good WordPress website to showcase my copywriting portfolio.

    For the time being I want to pick a free theme – just so I can experiment and play without making a purchase.

    My main questions are:

    1 I need to upload work samples - sometimes even a booklet of samples on a given subject. Which format should I use? Downloadable PDFs? Or some other format?

    2 I might need to introduce each sample, with a few words of text. Could anyone suggest suitable themes?

    I feel a bit overwhelmed with it all at the moment, to be honest. I have created WordPress sites before, but trying to create something more sleek and professional to showcase my work is new to me.

    Any advice gratefully received.


  2. Okay, I should probably add I would buy a theme at this stage if the criteria were right

  3. 1) sounds like PDFs would be best, but with PNG previews

    2) pretty much any theme allows for text!

  4. Scribd is also supported here - it lets you embed a PDF document in a Post - that way your visitors can look and read your samples and see what they look like while still on your site.

  5. Thanks, great. I'll look into these.

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