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    Hey everyone,

    I know this has gone around a couple of times but I thought I would ask again:

    Has anyone found a wordpress compatible fix for position:fixed css?

    I have a couple of fixes of my own (pure css no conditional comments) but where they work on other sites I have done they will not work on my blog, wordpress must treat the css slightly differently. Basically the problem I have is my sidebar, it’s perfect in IE8 and any other browser but IE7 it’s naff and won’t show up due to buggy support of position:fixed.

    I would be grateful if anyone has found a fix to this problem yet and could share their knowledge :). Or if someone knows of a way to overrride the Doctype to strict dtd that’d be better.

    The blog I need help with is sammaye.wordpress.com.



    oh blog link incase you need something to test on is sammaye.wordpress.com

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