position of main body {right, left, center} help!

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    i have upgraded my theme and i’ve just figured out how to do the CSS which allows me to increase the maximum size of my content body/images.
    but now my posts are floating either right or left. i can’t seem to get it centered. i’ve tried entering “center” and “none” but neither works.

    thank you!

    The blog I need help with is michellegd.com.


    First, OMG what a cute puppy!!! omg omg omg

    For the content falling out of it’s column issue, you’re on the right track but you just need to add a few more selectors. Here’s a previous reply with example CSS, change the 600px to whatever size you’d like (I noticed you’re using 800px):



    yes! i cannot thank you enough! it has worked!!!! a few of the old posts {before upgrade} are a bit wonky, but i can rework them later perhaps.

    for now, everything i’ve posted since the upgrade is sized and aligned appropriately. i cannot thank you enough! CSS is completely foreign to me and i was starting to wish i’d never bothered with the upgrade.
    you have saved the day!

    also, in the link you provided, you mentioned {i think} that it’s possible with CSS to stretch the header width. if i want my header to be 700 px like my images, is this possible?

    and thank you for the compliments on the puppy. we are so in love with her and cannot get over her cuteness ourselves !!!

    thank you again. so much.

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