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Positioning more than one image in a post

  1. I don't see this in the FAQs, forgive me in advance if I've missed something. When I upload an image to a post, it always appears at the top of the post. If, for example, I want to have image, followed by text, then another image, followed by text, and so on, how do I get the second and subsequent images to post where my cursor indicates?

  2. Note that using the "centering" button icon will allow you to place images side by side, provided the images are small enough to fit into the blogging space without breaking the layout
    Also note that once the images are uploaded into a post or page you can click on them and resize or reposition them where you choose. You can also wrap text around images using these instructions

  3. Thanks Timethief, that was just what I needed! You can see how well it worked here

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