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positioning of poll on page?

  1. umm,
    most likely NOT the ice water…

  2. Well just because I want ice water, that doesn't that I actually get any. ;-) And may I remind you that I named this topic "positioning of poll on page?" I only have the one blog on WP.

    BTW: what does ≥^,^≤ mean? Something really cool I hope. :-)

  3. izaakmak

    hmmm. I get ice water, whether I deserve it or not…

    OK. Right, "page."
    Give the link to the page, then. You know, the link to what you are asking about!!

    What do you mean, what does ≥^,^≤ mean?
    cool, right!

    It's a cat with whiskers, ears, a curled tongue:
    a text-picture of a cat.

  4. Sorry! I just thought that the word would cause one to look for page navigation and...

    Anyway, the cat is sooo cool! I'm still looking for the specials symbols on my keyboard! 8-|

  5. I'm on a Mac, but probably you have an option key. Try pressing that with various keys. and option/shifts. all sorts of interesting symbols.

    Also, check out Panos's sidebar for html characters.


  6. Thanks.

  7. * bangs head on desk * I have tried everything mentioned here. i am using the chaoticsoul template .... and not under any circumstance can i center. Sure it works under different themes, but i do not wish to change themes. Alas.

  8. @cr0wbarred: Apparently you didn't try this (it does work):

    <div style="padding-left:110px;">

    Proper number depends on the poll style you will select.

    And please paste the exact URL of your blog when asking questions here, or link your nickname to your blog (as explained in the Sticky 8 Things to Know Before Posting). Helps us help you.

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