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    Hi, I am experiencing problems writing a post with photos. Whilst I have experienced some difficulties with layout in the past, this problem only started today and makes it almost impossible to write a post.

    When I start to construct a post the first photo and text go ok, except unusually both the Medium (my usual use) and large boxes are both checked during the process)?? I can resolve this by first clicking thumbnail and then Medium. Why is this happening, it did not when making my earlier posts?

    When I try to enter a second photo further down my text, two unusual things occur.

    Firstly, the two checked sizes problem still occur

    Secondly, and this is the big problem, when I upload the photo, it changes position to the top of my post, not where I positioned the curser. I checked the position of the curser carefully before I clicked the insert photo button, but it occurs every time. I have never seen this problem before, is there a problem at your end or is it local to me? Any ideas would help.

    I am using Browser upload at the moment as I have done in the past.

    I did install Flash Player to see how it worked and thought this might be the cause, but I have Uninstalled and problems still exist.

    Thanks Ray Oliver

    PS Example of my attempt will be put on my BLOG for a couple of days in case this helps



    I am having the same problem of all photo inserts going to the top for the last two days. Very annoying>


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    Have you tried to insert the images from the html editor?
    I have that glitch occasionally, but not for days at a time.


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    Sorry, I forgot to ask, have you contacted support?


    Thanks for the suggestion, but I just tried it from the html editor and the photo went right to the top.


    Doesn’t support automatically read the forums for problems?



    Doesn’t support automatically read the forums for problems?

    Short answer: No.

    The forums are mostly populated by volunteers. Staff will pop in but they handle the support requests that are sent thru the link on the support page.


    When I click on the add media button, I can see through the half greyed-out area that the cursor has disappeared from where I left it. Does that help?



    Thanks every one. I have just cheched using a different computer and the problem still exists.
    Will try to contact support

    Thanks Ray



    Sorry for spelling on last post.
    By the way. I have been trying out BlogDesk and that makes preparing the posts very easy …. but then it lacks a few facilities, like adding a caption to the photos.
    Otherwise it is great … a a backup file is saved of each post, including photos. :-)



    i too was (am) having this issue – if anyone gets a resolve thru support, pls post here. I simply just dragged it down from the top to where i wanted it in the post.
    Very frustrating.
    thx Carole



    I have been contacted by support. Apparently they recently fixed a bug for this. They asked I contact them again if the problem still occurs.

    It appears to be working better tonight, although system very slow and I still had to juggle to get text where I wanted. (some refused to go! … but that’s normal and why I tried out BlogDesk)

    But looks like it was a problem their end, that hopefully is resolved. :-)

    Will try again over weekend.

    Thanks for feedback everyone




    Problem appears cleared today, Thanks

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