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    I’m having problems getting pictures where I want them. In this blog, on the Cattery page, I have an image on the left at the top with a paragraph starting to it’s right. I want to be able to get another image, futher down, starting alongside ‘Occasionally…’

    But if I put the cursor at the start of that paragraph and use the ‘Insert picture’ icon, it ends up at the top next to the first one.

    I see blogs where people have done this, but how? Are they editing the HTML or is there some ‘black magic’ I’ve not managed to find in the help?

    The blog I need help with is mosssidecattery.wordpress.com.



    If this hasn’t worked, try dragging and dropping the images from one part to another.



    OK, the method in your link works:

    But not in Internet Explorer 9 – it’s OK using Firefox 3.6. Haven’t tried other browsers (Safari, Chrome, etc.) or other versions of IE or Firefox.



    The most recent stable version of Firefox is 5.0.1 and the most recent stable version of IE is IE9. . Please upgrade your browser here > http://browsehappy.com Note that if you don’t upgrade then you will have nothing but problems.

    I use HTML tables to align images. Perhaps you may wish to do that too.



    As mentioned above I am using IE9 and it’s completely up-to-date, as is the OS which is W7x64.

    I know it’s an old version of Firefox but that’s not where the problem is.

    I will look at using HTML to align my images but as far as I am concerned the main reason to use WordPress (or whatever) is to avoid using HTML. I can – I used to write all my stuff in HTML (originally using Notepad which lead to some awful spelling errors) – but it’s like using assembler to write computer programs, there are (or should be) better ways these days.

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