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Possibility of animating JPEGs?

  1. Hi, I have a series before and after JPEG images that capture photographers firing their flash. They're really cool. As Flash, Java Script aren't allowed, I tried animated GIF but its 256-colour limit degraded my pictures significantly. I discovered that it's possible through HTML scripting and I wonder if someone can help with the script? The idea is I'll have 3 jpeg images uploaded to media library for the script to call from to display sequentially.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't think that's possible through HTML only. It sounds like you would at least need some kind of scripting, and that is not allowed at

    You could try using a slideshow to display the images:

    If you want more control over the code such as the ability to use JavaScript, you should use instead of You get complete control of the code if you use Both are good choices.

  3. Thanks. This is a nice-to-have .. has given me everything I asked and more and I'm grateful.

  4. You might be interested in a Flikr slideshow:

  5. I uploaded a sample .flv file on my host

    [gigya src="" width="464" height="376" quality="high" wmode="transparent" allowFullScreen="true"]

    This code doesn't work and I think it's missing a flash player code. What do I do?

  6. How about a small video that you create from those images and then upload it to YouTube and embed it in your posts.

  7. You'd need to link to the .swf file rather than the .flv and then it should work.

  8. @shimworld

    I don't know about it missing a flash player, but see this:

    Gigya glitch? permanent or no?

  9. @cleanstar

    I've done exactly that using YouTube embed (bottom of post)

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