Possibility of deleting old post & all attached images?

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    I’m going through my archive of old posts and I’ve identified a number of old posts I want deleted. Trouble is, each posts has a large number of attached to it. Is there an easy way to delete the post *and* attached images automatically or is removing them manually via Media Library the only way?

    The blog I need help with is shimworld.wordpress.com.


    Manually via the media library is the only way I know of.


    I just thought of something that might help if the images are in certain months. At media > library, you can filter by month/year. That might make it at least a little easier to deal with those deletes.



    Yes, I use the filter too and it helps but I also discovered that if you have a 17-inch laptop screen with high resolution 1920 x 1200 resolution, the thumbs can be difficult to discern especially when the photos look similar between one and the other. I have to switch to the desktop 24″ LCD to do this more efficiently.

    Besides this, I wish WP makes the Media Library more friendly to use for multiple image uploads. Ideally, Media Library window should remain open after users click on [Insert into post] so they can continue to insert more images successively. They are so close to getting it right yet so frustrating this feature gets ignored.


    You got me to thinking. You know what would be nice on the media library page, would be an option to display the images in a grid with thumbs perhaps twice the size, sort of like in a gallery and the “show” link could be down below the image. The number of columns could vary depending on the width of the browser window. The popup commands when you hover over the thumb could appear in a small bubble right where your mouse hovered over the image. This sounds like something I would like to see.

    That is sort of off-track from your original query.



    I’ve been in touch with support and they have agreed that the multiple insert feature makes sense and the idea will be passed on to the team. I’m excited at the possibility of this very useful enhancement.


    Yeah, they actually already have the code in the post and page editor, so it should not be that much trouble to implement it on the media > add new page as well. I think it will be a nice addition.

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