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Possible attack on WordPress Via Doss Attack..and other sites..(Maybe)

  1. Make up your mind: either you are going to continue to post till you get an apology (which you are never going to get) or you can stop posting to the thread. You can't do BOTH.

  2. thewordpressghost


    I regret there are those who have chosen to pick on you, because they can.

    When you blog, you slowly learn to ignore those who find their strength in belittling others.


  3. bloggingboresme

    I am sorry for saying nasty things about A woman who helps a lot on here. I am 100% in the wrong, so please accept my sorry please.
    She was right, I was wrong.

    I kindly ask you delete the thread, or please accept my apology and we can leave it here. I do not want an apology. I was on HEAVY medication, I was wrong. So please TimeThief please accept my apology for saying rude things about you. I would be happy if my apology could be accepted and I will say sorry once more and hope this can be the end of the matter.

    Kindest Regards.
    Again. I am sorry.

  4. As this thread has gotten pretty far afield of the original topic, I'm going to lock it now.

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