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    Recently, at the top of my blog pages are the words INCLUDE_DATA. When I view the source code I notice a javascript code inserted at line 861 beginning with “document.write(unescape( and a string of codes) followed by the words INCLUDE DATA. Also, when a page on my blog loads, a website is being accessed at the location

    On other PC’s McAffee identifies the code on each page as a trojan call JS/Wonka

    I am not sure how to fix this problem. Does it meean I have to disable my blog and start from scratch?

    any help would be appreciated



    Sorry but unless your blog is hosted at WordPress.com we can’t help. You didn’t say what its address is so we don’t know.

    If it’s a WordPress blog you host yourself, please go here:


    http://ismyblogworking.com/ will often detect a hacked blog.




    sorry about that… my site is hosted by WordPress at
    medianet-ny.com/wordpress/ [WARNING Harmful link broken do NOT visit the site the site will try to download malware on your computer -t3ck]

    I ran the program you mentioned and it seems to indicate my pages have been compromised without my knowledge —- and when I chck the source I see the problem which is how I reported above.

    If I can locate the code somehow, I will delete it…

    I will go to the link you gave me and reprot this again on the proper forum…

    Thanks for your help




    The very bottom of your blog states “powered by WordPress”. This indicates that you do NOT have a wordpress.com blog.

    You do have a web host. You are self hosting a wordpress.ORG software install and you are posting to the wrong forum. Please post to the correct forum here http://wordpress/org/support/

    The differences between wordpress.org and wordpress.com are found in the Please read me first sticky post at the head of this forum:



    Hey buddy, did you resolve this problem yet? I’m having the same issue :(



    djlightsout- If you have a problem with your self-hosted blog, you need to ask over at http://wordpress.org/support/ because we have no access to the working side of the program here and therefore can’t offer solutions.

    WordPress.COM or WordPress.ORG? The difference

    8 Things To Know Before Posting in WordPress.Com Forums

    If you are talking about your WordPress.COM blog, please give us the address, starting with http://



    I got a temporary fix outlined here: [Potential Harmful link removed – t3ck]

    I found some malicious code in my header.php

    Still unsure how it got hacked



    @kenshi-hopefully you posted that in the ORG support forum, because this problem does not affect WordPress.COM blogs.



    Guys, yeah, this is all helpful and stuff but wordpress.com isn’t the same as wordpress.org. One is self-hosted and the other is not. My recommendation is to familiarize yourself with the difference between them.

    Here’s the relevant discussion on the proper forum: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/360972



    Here’s a detailed descritption of the differences between wordpress.com and wordpress.org http://en.support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/ Please do NOT post to this thread unless you have a blog that’s free hosted by wordpress.COM

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