Possible Malware? Can you help please

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    Hi guys,
    One of my friends told me that when he is on my website – he gets information that the malware is detected. Is there any way to check my site for possible problems?
    Can you help, please?

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is olga777site.wordpress.com.


    Hi @olgalarsen,

    Looking through your site, I did not receive a Malware notice. After completeing a security check, it was found you have no Malware detected.

    To be sure you can check your site results here:





    Thank you so much! I’ve done this one earlier together with other sites. I was hoping that WP support has something more advanced to check them.



    Hi there,

    There is no malware on your WordPress.com site. We automatically block the types of code that is used to create malware, so it’s not possible for malware to be added to your site.

    If your friend is getting malware warnings, it’s most likely that he has a malicious browser add-on or toolbar in his browser, and that’s triggering his malware scanner when he views your site. Please suggest he uses a program like Malwarebytes to thoroughly scan his own computer for malware.



    Hi Kokkieh,
    Thank you so much. Makes me feel better.
    I’ll mention that to him, but he entered my site from his work. He is one of the security personals in IT department. He works for one of the big corps.
    If you work in a gigantic company, like he does you can’t add anything to your browser and the computers are being scanned constantly for this stuff… So it’s highly unlikely that he has something on his machine. That’s why I got concerned… Maybe it’s just a false positive…
    But since you are saying that it’s clean – that means it’s clean.
    Thank you for your help. :)



    It’s most likely a false positive, then. If he’s at a big corporation, chances are their malware scanners are more sensitive than what you or I would use on our computers, and something like the tracking code in online advertising might even set it off.

    It’s also possible, though very unlikely, that an ad he’s seeing contains malware. As no two people looking at your site sees the same ads, that would explain why we don’t see anything. If that’s the case, he can take a screen shot of the ad and send it to us via the page below so we can investigate:

    About These Ads

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