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"Possible Related Post" not wanted!

  1. I just noticed a new section is automatically posted on my Cutline called, "Possible Related Posts" I want to turn this off. It infers to my readers that I may have also written those posts, which isn't true, so it only confuses the reader and it takes them off my blog and on to others. I should be able to turn it off like I can with the Snapshot feature.

  2. You can. In the same place (extras).

  3. I'll check that, thank you. But I also noticed that it wasn't shown on the live site, but perhaps only visible in the editor mode for the blogger's benefit. Would that be correct?

  4. I didn't see it on my blog until I happened to click ona post's title to single out that post. Then I saw that nasty surprise at the bottom. I think it only shows up when people hit a single post (which, for people who come in via links and search engines, means *most* people!).

  5. If I understand you correctly, the feature is all or nothing and only you control it and only from the dashboard. There is no way for a reader to affect the functions of your blog.

  6. I found the box. Thank you. I wasn't familiar with this setting and hadn't seen the automated blog listing before, so it was new to me. Thanks again!

  7. >>>There is no way for a reader to affect the functions of your blog.

    I'm saying, readers do not see the related posts on the blog until they are reading a single post. Either by coming into that post via link or search engine or hitting "More." Otherwise that atrocious WP feature is invisible.

    And that's why I didn't see it myself on my blog until I went into a single post of mine, via More.

  8. yeah, i don't like it either especially b/c the post they suggest are so cpmopletely NOT related to mine, it's wierd, almost laughable, but mostly annoying. If they were similar I wouldn't mind sharing. Thanks for the tips to get rid of it...

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