Possible to add a document that requires a password to download?

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    Is it possible to link a .doc or .pdf to a wordpress.com blog so that it shows as anchor text such as “my book” but which requires a password to download?

    I understand I can upload a .doc or .pdf file and make the page private so that only authorised people can access it and this might in fact be a better option, but I’m curious if I could make knowledge of the files existence on say the About Me page and still control who downloads the file by applying a password to it.


    The blog I need help with is photojourn.wordpress.com.



    Your best option for doing this securely:

    Create a new blog. Allow access “only to users I choose” on the Settings / Privacy tab. Upload the file to that blog. Link to the file from your main blog. Then add users who require access via the Settings / Privacy tab of the private blog.

    I believe this works but you should test it to confirm.

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