Possible to add sidebar to Ever After theme?

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    Hello – is there any way at all to do sidebar widgets on the Ever After theme? It really is the theme I like best, but I hate that all the widgets get put at the very bottom of the blog. So if someone wants to follow my blog they have to scroll to the very bottom of all the articles to even see that it’s there. Is there any way I can use this theme that I like, and still have the sidebar option? Any help would be so appreciated!!

    The blog I need help with is milesfromperfect.wordpress.com.



    Do you have CSS editing experience?


    Unfortunately no.



    Please ignore my first response above. The CSS upgrade cannot be used to add a sidebar to pages which do not have one already. That would require hacking of the underling PHP script files, which we cannot do on free hosted WordPress.com blog .


    Ok, so there is no way I can do this?

    Is there a way to maybe create a page link titled “Follow blog” that when you click on it, it links you to the “follow blog” widget? Just trying to think of a way people can easily sign up for emails without having to scroll all the way down.




    Yes, you can create a page and then post the subscribe to blog direct link on it.
    create page > http://en.support.wordpress.com/pages/#create-a-new-page
    direct link for subscribe to blog posts > http://wp.me/pinhe-iU


    Ok thanks so much, will give this a try. Unfortunately I don’t have time to tackle it right now, but if I have any troubles will drop you a line then. Thanks again!!



    If you have any issue simply post into this thread again and a Volunteer or Staff will help you.



    @TT: This is the fifth time I’m trying to point this out: CSS editing can be used to create a sidebar, so stop using this mistaken stock reply of yours.



    I’m sorry about that justpi. I will delete thesacredpath’s copy and paste and never answer any of these threads again.



    You will need to start you own thread in the CSS Forum. https://en.forums.wordpress.com/forum/css-customization#postform

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