possible to change "Portfolio" theme to black?

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    Am currently using twenty-eleven with the Dark theme-option (ie white text on black background. My pictures look much better that way.

    I would like to change to paid theme Portfolio. Can I use it with white text on a black background?

    (Seems I can’t ask a question about a paid theme on the paid themes forum without buying it first. )

    Blog in question is:
    (aka alienheartbeat.wordpress.com)

    The blog I need help with is alien-heartbeat.com.


    Yes and no. There is no setting you can select which will easily change the theme to “light on dark” like you have with Twenty Eleven, so you would need to purchase the custom CSS upgrade, and modify the theme styles in the code directly.

    If you’re comfortable with CSS or open to learning it, it is definitely possible, but would require some effort to accomplish.



    Thanks very much for the help.

    I learn new stuff every month, but CSS is 8,456 on my list,
    so I won’t get to it until I am around age 472.

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