Possible to Display Titles only for Tag Surfer?

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    As a newbie I just subscribed to Tag Surfer. I’ll preface my question by saying that one of the tags I entered really cannot be further honed. After I added the tag, my poor computer froze while it spent the next 10 or so minutes downloading countless photographs. I was forced to remove the tag.

    Is it possible to have only blog titles displayed and leave it up to me whether or not I would like to click on it and read further?


    The blog I need help with is conservegan.wordpress.com.


    A link to your blog would be helpful. Is this it? http://conservegan.wordpress.com/


    Do you use Firefox? There’s a thread about similar issues here: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/blog-surfer-freezes-firefox?replies=5



    Yes, that is my blog. Sorry, I thought our forum name was the way you knew what our blog was, but now that I think of it some peeps have more than one blog

    I read that thread but I am not sure that it pertains to my problem. What I mean by FF freezing is that the downloading of all those images takes over all my system resources so I cannot do anything until all the images are downloaded – which could be a realllly long time.

    Is there a way to just have blog titles load and not the entire blog?



    Well under “settings” -> “Reading” there’s an option to chose the number of posts to be shown on a page. But I must confess that I don’t now if that setting will include the number of posts shown on a “tag page”…



    I tried that but it just has to do with your blog’s front page (home page) and the other reading options have to do with RSS feeds and the like, not Tag Surfer.

    Since it apparently is not an option I’d like to offer it up as an Idea – is this all I need to do in order for the right people to see this request. Seems like someone before I came along must have wanted to have blog titles only displayed…


    Wha you need is for a “tag page” to have an “Older Entries” link at the bottom. I would write support and ask if that possibel…


    It’s a problem that nearly all WordPress bloggers will face eventually if they continue to blog for many years. In the end some tags will be so filled with posts that peoples browsers choke in it. So it would actually be nice to have this issue fixed once and for all so that when you click a tag only a number of posts are shown on the first page.

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