Possible to get categories as headings in search engines?

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    So I submitted my sitemap to the Google webmaster tools, and now instead of just having my blog as the result, and random posts as the next few results underneath, it has given me headings underneath the main entry. This is exactly what I was looking for except instead of doing what I thought it would do, which is to include sub-headings underneath the main entry, but what I was hoping is that those headings would have been my categories. Instead, they are just random posts and tags. Here is a screencap that I took of what comes up:

    The layout is getting there. It’s the way I want it, where there are subheadings, but instead of those posts that are listed, I want my categories to be there. For example, replace “ONE MusicFest 2012 Coverage” with “Festival Coverage” and they can click it and it would take them to the same page it would if you clicked on my category page at the right of my layout. Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is tactiletracks.com.


    Just bumping this since I posted it pretty late last night.

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