Possible to have a calendar not depening on posts?

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    I would like to have a calendar on the site I am making. I have used the widget calendar, which is based on blogposts. But I would like to just have a regular calendar where you can click too see next months’ dates. Is it possible to edit the calendar to work this way? I have the custom design upgrade. Or is there other ways of doing it? Any good online calendars that can be used? It will not have to show any events, posts etc.

    Help will be highly appreciated!

    (The site is currently set to private since it is in the making)

    The blog I need help with is kaseklinikken.wordpress.com.


    You might take a look at <a href=”http://en.support.wordpress.com/google-calendar/
    “>Google Calendars. Just don’t put any events into it.

    You cannot add or change functionality through CSS. It is a styling document that the browsers use to style and position the various elements of a web page.


    Thanks a lot, i appreciate it! I made the google calendar and pasted it into the widget, but when I go to the page there is only a frame that says “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”. Also, a bit picky here, but it would also be nice to have a calendar without the google logo. It doesn’t look so nice. Is there any other online calendars who look allright? If not I can live with it if I just get it to work :)

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