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Possible to have subscriptions moved to new blog

  1. I've moved my blog content to a self-hosted site, now I'm hoping you folks would be willing to move my subscriber list, too. Time Thief indicated this might be possible in the past.

    I'd appreciate having this done for both and (Which was before redirection.)

    My site was being forwarded to cherrytart, and that somehow meant some subscribers ended up on that site's list, though I never blogged there.

    <b>My new site:</b>

    If you can make this happen, I'd be grateful, and if you're ever up in Alberta, I'd be pleased to buy you a beer. (Or a chi-chi coffee, if that's your kind of poison.)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You need to install and activate the JetPack plug-in and then Staff to move your email subscribers to your new site. When you have installed an activated JetPack teturn to this thread and I will flag it fo Staff attention.

  3. Hi, Timethief. Yes, JetPack is installed and activated, thanks.

  4. Hi again,
    The thread has been flagged. :)

  5. Appreciate it!

  6. I have transferred your subscribers as requested.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

  7. Thank you, macmanx! I owe you a beverage.

    A question, if I may: the site stats say I have 7 subscribers, but when I click on the list, it's considerably longer, thanks to your help. Will those numbers ever reconcile?

  8. Only email subscribers can be transferred. Does that explain the discrepancy?

  9. Hi, timethief. You know, I think it resolved itself.

    Before my walk, when I clicked on the Jetpack stats, it said I had 7 subscribers. If I clicked on the list itself, it was substantially higher. (I didn't count, but looked like over 80.) Now the Jetpack stats have changed, and it looks about right, so I guess it propagated through the system.

    Thanks for everything. You guys have been fabulously helpful.

  10. You're welcome!

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