Possible to hide author and date on pages

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    I would like to publish pages that do not have “written by” and “date” at the bottom of the page. Is it possible to do that? If so, how?

    The blog I need help with is michaelconnor.wordpress.com.



    I’d like that too.


    I’m unaware of any themes here at wordpress.COM that have dates or authors on the pages. Posts, yes, but not on pages.

    @laughterlog, since your blog is private, we can’t even take a look.

    @michaelconner, if this is the blog you are talking about, http://michaelconnor.wordpress.com there is no author or date showing on any of your pages.



    Sorry, posts, that’s what I think we both meant :)


    It is dependent on the theme you are using. On many themes, all the post metadata is controlled in one place in the CSS, so if you hide one, you can hide all (date, categories, author, date, “make a comment link,” and in some themes you even lose the post title.

    IF the theme you are using has the author and date controlled separately, it would require that you have experience editing CSS, and the paid CSS upgrade.

    Please don’t purchase the upgrade if you do not have at least a general understanding of CSS and are sure that it can be done with your theme. There is a “preview” function in the CSS edit page where you can try changes.



    You can remove the “author” with the i-nove theme.



    Hmm, I’m using the Contempt theme at it doesn’t allowit.

    I could edit the CSS, but it’s not worth paying the upgrade just for that.

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