Possible to make a multiple imaged gallery from one image?

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    I was wondering,is possible to make a gallery from one image that shows multiple images once you click on it?

    The blog I need help with is km-cube.com.



    I don’t know what you mean and I’m not clear on how this relates to CSS editing. Hopefully, another Volunteer will be able to help you.


    I’m also not 100% clear on what you’re asking. In case it helps, it is possible to display a single image in a gallery by attaching the image to a post or page and then inserting a gallery shortcode such as [gallery]. That would display just the one image in a gallery. You could make the image display in a large size by setting options in the gallery shortcode like this: [gallery size="large" columns="1"]. Doing that doesn’t involve CSS.



    Um, sorry if I’m not being clear. I would like it so when I for example click on this image [img]kmcube.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/button_01.jpg[/img]
    It brings up a gallery of multiple large images of that environment.

    Hopefully that makes more sense.


    The only way to do that in WordPress.com would be to create a post or page with a gallery embedded and then link to that. WordPress itself does not currently have a way to create layers of galleries that are connected like you’ve asked for.



    Oh ok, I guess ill try to do it that way.

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