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    Now I run a wp.COM blog and I was wondering if there is any way to make templates for posts, i.e. have a set of pre-determined elements added to the box when I make a new post.

    1. It would make adding the getsocial-share thingy less of a hassle (as I always forget to add it I resorted to just have it in the text widget instead.)

    2. When I make a set of post from say a film festival, it would be nice to have the banner-header and set up stored. I solved it by just having it saved as a txt document in google notes and C/P it, as I was blogging from different computers, but it would be nice to have had it in WP.

    Is it an easy solution/function I’m unaware of? I know I could possibly save it as a draft and use that, but again, it’s all to easy to forget, or overwrite.

    On a different note, my blog is bilingual, is there a way to mark post with what language they are in, so that a visitor could chose language and then only see the post in the given language on the list/main page?

    Thanks for any advice. WP is by far the best free blog-service I have come across, and to me the lack of advertising-possibilities actually is a advantage. Few blogger ever make money from their blogs, but way to many potentially interesting blogs out there are made unreadable by a wall of google-ads and whatnot. Having a WP-blog signify you write a blog because you want to communicate, not try to make small change by add-pageviews! ;)



    Read the following post for possible solution


    Hope this help.




    1. Some themes do have templates for static pages but no you cannot make your own templates for either posts or pages and upload them wordpress.com blog. We cannot edit the templates underlying our themes here. We are all working on the same multuser blogging platforum and in essence everyone using the same theme is using the same underlying template. You will have to continue adding social bookmarks to each post. http://en.support.wordpress.com/themes/editing-themes/

    2. No you cannot upload txt documents. See accepted file types >
    http://en.support.wordpress.com/accepted-filetypes/ However, you can upload headers into your Media Library and change them when you wish to.

    3. re: bilingual
    No what you describe is not possible – sorry. But there is a translation widget workaround. See > https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/translation-widget?replies=2#post-304621



    I would assume it’s possible in offline blog editors like Blogdesk and Ecto.



    1. Fair enough, I was hoping maybe it would be possible to have workaround via the draft-function. (Locking drafts for editing, so you would have to give each new post a new name or something like that.)

    2. I use a .txt page in google docs and copypaste. (To keep everything online) No need to upload that to WP.

    3. I would think this is a function many would have a use for, hopefully something WP are working on in a future update. :)

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