Possible to modify background image?

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    I’ve been looking at the Matala theme, and I like everything about it except for the top portion of the background image. I know I can just change the background, but what I would really like the end result to be is the same background as the original, but with a modified top part (the indian looking pattern).
    Is it possible to somehow create a background that stretches out according to how long the blog posts are?
    Do you understand my bad explanation? :)
    If I just put an image for the background, it will be static, tiled or whatever, but I would like it to behave in the same way that the original Matala background does.

    The blog I need help with is primalisten.com.



    I’m not clear if you have given up on this threme or not. I see the blog linked to your username is wearing the Adventure Journal theme. If you are referring to a different blog wearing the Matala theme will you please post an active link starting with http:// to that blog.

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