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Possible to remove all the "... reblogged this on..." from the comment section?

  1. Is it possible to set that all the "... reblogged this on..." will not appear in the comment section, instead of having to delete them every time?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are your perhaps referring to pingbacks? See here > If that's what you mean then you can stop self-pings see here >

    Or are your referring to "reblogging" as described here?

  3. I believe this is "reblogging" as described on the last link.

    I've restored one so that you can see it:

  4. Not possible?

  5. I think they are handled the same way as comments, so you can probably just them to the "trash" as you would for a comment you don't want to publish. Have you tried that?

  6. I have and we can indeed 'trash' them. My question was whether there was a way not to have to do that every time

  7. You can disable pingbacks, but it's not a great idea in terms of self-promotion. If you leave pingbacks up, it makes your blog look WAY popular.

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