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Possible to revert my blog to a previous time with respect to posts/design?

  1. As in the title.

    I've deleted a couple of hundred posts thinking I wanted to clean up my blog over a month ago (so my trash has been cleaned). Is it possible to do a bulk revert (akin to System Restore) or is that information lost forever?

    I realise that posts that have been cleaned from the trash are permanently lost but I thought this question was a tad different.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is no such thing as a "system restore" for blogs.

  3. Was expecting that to be the answer but was hoping for something different. Thanks

  4. It may be possible that your indexed content is still appearing in Google search results. If that's the case then you could recover the data from cached versions you loacte. However, it's a copy past job and you mentioned a couple of hundred of posts above. If you subscribed to your own blog's feed and it was a full feed and you kept the emailed copies your could copy and paste from them. Lastly, if you periodically used the export feature and kept the XML files as backups on your computer you could import them.

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