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Possible to swap all content from one blog to another within My Blogs?

  1. Last night I changed the url of my blog from to, now leaving me with two blogs, and the completely empty and all my content on the one.

    Now I am unhappy with my new url and want all my content to again be under the blog. Since both of these blogs are under my account and I still have the url is there anyway I can switch all my content back over to this blog? I know I could import it and then delete the one, but none of my stats will then be transferrable.

    I have a feeling there's no way to switch it or move it or move it over, even though both url's are mine. Oh well, I hope this makes sense and someone could provide any help. If not, I guess I'll just have to import to the original blank blog and start over.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I also find myself in the same situation. I would like to switch my content from one URL to another URL in my account.

    I've thought about deleting my currently empty URL then re-creating it by changing the content URL to the name of the deleted empty URL I just deleted. I'd like to hear what others say before I delete anything however.

    Many thanks!

  3. If you delete a blog URL, you won't be able to re-create it.

    Instead, you can export and import your content via the Tools section of your blogs' Dashboards.

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