Possible to unattach images?

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    I’ve got an amount of pictures in my media library. I write my blogs, attach som pictures and upload the article. But suddenly I’ve experienced some problems. My library shows that ALL my pictures are attached to articles, even if they are NOT. And if I focus on an article that I know has only ONE picture, it seems thay quite a number of different pictures are attached to that article. Choosing ‘Unattached’ gived of course no pictures. How come? I discovered the problem when one of my pictures seemed to be missing when I clicked on its thumbnail. But it really is inside the media library. Just attached to another article. When I click on that article, the lost picture isn’t there. (And it shouldn’t either) Bug??? Is it somehow possible to unattach images?



    Isn’t this the same question you posed in this thread? https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/bugs-in-media-handling?replies=10



    That’s right – you’re razorsharp.

    There were actually two questions in that thread. And as I never got any answer on this part, I decided to start it all over again.


    @arepeggio: Yes she is. And I think you did very well too.



    I am experiencing the dame issue:
    1. I want to include ONE image from the media gallery, and it automatically attaches all the images in the media gallery.

    2. I want to “unattach” images from the article, so the links are not displayed on the bottom of the post, but I cannot do that.

    So far, my best work-around is to upload the image into the NextGEN gallery, and use from there.

    Does anyone have a solution?



    We require a link to your blog, starting with http, in order to help you.

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