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Possible to use AdSense in FeedBurner Feeds of a Blog?

  1. I very well know that does not allow a user to use AdSense or any other ad system on his/her Blog unless it is a VIP Blog or gets more than some "required number" of views everyday, I am not even intersted in adding AdSense to my Blog, but what I saw on Google FeedBurner a few weeks back was quite interesting.

    It said that I can use AdSense in my Feeds. I ofcourse knew about this earlier but hadn't really thought of doing that. Now my question is that since the Ads will not be on my Blog is it against's Terms and Condition? And since I am not even adding ads to the feed generated by I don't think should have any problem whatsoever. Am I wrong?

    Also, since my domain is not top level ( Google is not approving my AdSense account. I can go ahead and buy a domain or just use one of the free domain providing webistes but I will not that if has a problem.

    This is the link for my FeedBurner feed.
    Does it have any relation to I don't think so.

    I know WordPress shows its own ads but they are on the Blog and in the feed generated by

    I now ask support and my fellow Bloggers: Is it possible to use AdSense on a Feed of a Blog on, generated by Google's FeedBurner? If yes then why is not Google approving my account? And can the Guys at help me? :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That's a Feedburner question. Ask it over at Feedburner.

  3. @Raincoster You mean at FeedBurner's forum? How will that help?

    I want to know if has any problems with this and if they can get my account approved as they would get had I agreed on getting AdSense on my Blog.

  4. *Raincoaster :P

  5. WordPress does not control what you do with your feed once it leaves They will not intercede on your behalf with regards to getting adsense on things external to

  6. Thanks!

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