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Possible Web Threat Message?

  1. Hi,

    One of my blog readers just notified me that when she clicks through to my blog, she receives a "Possible Web Threat" message warning her of possible malware on my site. So far, she's the only one with this problem (she claims this happens both with Safari and IE8, Norton Internet Security 2012).
    Is there any way to check if my site has been hacked?

    This is the post where she noticed the problem this morning:

    Thanks so much!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
    I don't get such a warning when I click in and I'n using Firefox 11.
    How do I get those annoying security warnings to go away?

  3. I've had no problems either, using Safari, Firefox 11 and IE8. It seems odd she'd get the same warning using both Safari and IE8. Guess I'll wait to see if others have the same problem. Thanks for checking!

  4. It's not odd when you refer to IE it's common and that's why I linked to what to do to stop the warnings above. :)

  5. May I also suggest that you read that full entry re: https:// ?

  6. Yes, thanks, I did read that entry. :)

  7. Good. Is it possible for you to share that link with the reader you speak of in the original post your made to start this thread? If so then please also tell her to also whitelist in her Norton Security program and the issue will disappear.

  8. I passed on your advice, but how does one determine if such a Security Warning is actually legitimate? Would it show for whitelisted sites?

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