Possibly Big mistake from wordpress

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    what i m telling here, it seens to be a big mistake from wordpress.com.

    Ok, first – this is not my main acc wordpress. I had to create another acc to be able to speak here. They suspended my blog. tumorrow will make 4 days of suspension.

    I saw the red message on my (MAIN) wordpress acc (regarding to the suspended blog) — I contacted them twice. ALSO – in that other link that we find for contacting about this matter.

    NO response so far. And worst – I am not able to post in the forum
    because I have a suspended blog, BUT they dont solve the issue. Im lost..

    What i want to know is == As my blog is apparentely GONE, can I use its content and make another blog wordpress.com ? I have another one not in use, with the same domain-niche. Will it be banned for copying content from the “dead one” ??

    Tks, hope you can help me.

    The blog I need help with is juradebarros2014.wordpress.com.


    The above blog is not the one I need help with. Its this one : modelovirtual.wordpress.com



    The site was suspended for some reason – if you copy or repeat the same thing that got it suspended then it will probably happen again

    The suspension notice / Banner has a “click here to contact us” you need to contact the Terms of Service people with that link to ask them – that link should always work.

    You can also contact the staff here if the above link is not available: http://en.support.wordpress.com/suspended-blogs/ Should have a contact form at the bottom that should work all the time for everyone

    WordPress.COM policy is not to discuss TOS violations in the Forum and us unpaid volunteer helpers can’t return your site anyway. You might also review the following links for more information on what might have happened. Mistakes are sometimes made but you need to talk with the TOS people.

    You might also review the TOS before you get too far along:



    Tks , but I did already everything you said auxclass.

    Do you know how long they take to resolve the suspension isses? It will be OK if my blog is gone. But i want my acc to be normal again.

    Do you know when can I be able to post here with my main account again?



    Suspended blog issues are not discussed on these public support forums. They are discussed only by email with Staff. This thread has been tagged for closure.


    well timechief, this is what I hope it happens. from their part.

    Tks very much

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