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    What is this?! This thing came onto my blog titled, ” Possibly Related Posts: (automatically generated)” and there are 4 links below it to site that I donot approve of.

    I don’t want something on my blog linking to other sites that I, myself, would not go to. Why did this thing come onto my blog? I checked out the “comments” thing to see if someone used it as a comment, but there are no comments in my box.

    Why is this thing allowd on my blog? How can I get it off?


    Please and thank you in advance. :)





    Hi Kathy, the related posts are explained here and you can turn them off in your dashboard > Design > Extras by checking the box “Hide related links on this blog, which means this blog won’t show up on other blogs or get traffic that way”.


    I do not have the box checked and I’m not getting any related posts referenced on my blog. I actually would like to have them so that it will possibly lead others to my blog.
    Does it have anything to do with the theme that I’m currently using? (Emire)
    Any help is greatly appreciated.



    I’m having the same issue. I want it on there!



    I’m able to see the related posts on your blog when I visit a post’s permalink. Here is a screenshot:


    What about my blog posts? Do you think I just do not have relevant material?



    I see them on several of your posts, including this one:

    They never show on the front page of the blog, only on the individual posts.


    Hey, I usually don’t like to step into a thread that isn’t mine, but I don’t see the related posts on the above posted link (for southernofficechairs), be it with Firefox or Internet Explorer, and I just don’t see the related posts on my ‘Press either even though I don’t have the checkbox selected. Any means of knowing why?


    Though not wanting to double-post, I realized the related posts show on the latest post and not in the others.. if of any help at all.


    Thanks, sealedscrolls.
    I thought I was seeing (not) things.
    It’s almost like they are there sometimes, then go away, then come back.
    So, you are having the same problem?


    Yeah, I still have the same problem. One minute they’re there, the other they’re not. Seems like Houdini related posts to me!


    Hey Guys,
    Thanks for the info – but can i ask a question…. ive got this on my blog (http://debthelpsolutions.wordpress.com/2008/09/17/debt-management/) … will they reciprocate the link or reference the source…? im new at this and just (from a learning perspective) wanted to know what would be in it for me?

    Cheers and looking forward to the answer, George



    Don’t expect them to reciprocate the link automatically. Unless visitors to your blog click on the links, it’s likely that the authors of the related posts won’t even know that those links are there.

    I don’t know what you mean by ‘reference the source’?

    I don’t think there’s anything in it for you other than, possibly, making your blog more useful to your visitors by providing them with links to other useful content. But the usefulness of the content is far from guaranteed.


    Hi Ros,
    Thanks for the information. by referening the source i think i confused myself (sorry im really new to blogging).

    If it make the expreience better for the reader then im all for it. at the end of the day they are the guys that count.

    Thanks for the info again



    I would like to have it but i cannot find it anywhere…is it just because of the italian language ??



    go to Dashboard, → Design, → Extras, make sure second box is
    checked marked save changes then every time to make a new post it will
    display at the bottom of your post if there’s relevant articles on wordpress,

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