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Possibly Related Posts Gone?

  1. I have just noticed that the 'Possibly Related Posts' links are no longer visible on my blog entries. I'm not sure when they disappeared.

    I've looked in Extras and the "Hide related links on this blog, which means this blog won’t show up on other blogs or get traffic that way" box, which is still not checked.

    So, has there been some change? Just curious why they are no longer on my entries. I've checked a few other blogs & don't see them...although they could have them turned off.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. !!! And now.... 58 minutes later.... they're back?!?

    Hrm*scratches head*

  3. IMy blog doesn't benefit from that extra which usually contains links to my own related posts which I already supply, and frequently contains links to dead blogs and/or to unrelated articles that have been improperly tagged. I'm curious to know if your blog actually secures a significant amount of traffic by leaving that extra on. Would you care to share?

  4. P.S. Re: the coming and going.
    The data is derived from the sphere widget and all data is cached so the coming and going is not of concern, unless your blog receives significant traffic from the "extra".

  5. I'm not getting much traffic at all actually...normally just a few per day as a result of searches. There have been only a few hits per week - that I'm assuming are from my link appearing on other blogs(?) Not too sure how that widget works actually. But some of the "possibly related" links I saw a few minutes ago at the bottom of some of my posts - now are gone again! lol Ah well.

  6. Yes links to your posts are supposed to be appearing on other blogs using the same extra. Thanks for the reply.

  7. And thank you. At least now I know why they vaporize & then reappear. WidgetWizardry.

  8. Here's a word to the wise about relying on that widget to bring your blog traffic - don't.

    Build it and they will come is tripe! (Oops! I mean to say that thinking does not apply to blogs.) There is no such thing as passive blog promotion and blogging is highly competitive. (And the blogoshere has become a live or die jungle since blogging and splogging for bucks entered the picture - oops! I didn't really say that, did I? )

    Unless you are skillful and practice effective blog promotion techniques right from the get go when you structure your blog and create your first posts, bringing your blog to the attention of potential readers is not going to just happen.

    I am a blogging tips blogger with a non-monetized blog (a rare bird these days). I blog on 3 main subjects which are how to become a better blogger, how to build a reader and search engine friendly blog, and how to promote your blog effectively. Click my name if you are looking for help on those topics as I have the welcome mat out for newbies. (Now that's a blog promotion example for you ... lol :D)

  9. Ha! Well, thanks for the tips...but I've gotta tell you, I'm just not into promotion. I think I must have started the blog for a soap box. And now and then, when I feel like posting ;-) I'll toss more fodder out for the masses (term used lightly.) I do get a few hits per day from search engines - and I find that pretty cool.

    I'll check your blog later..... Thanks!

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